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Exceptional Product Lines by Linder Oil

We strive for excellence in performance with every product, every delivery, every order!

Rubber Processing Oils

Our wide selection of rubber processing and extender oils include aromatic, naphthenic, and paraffinic oils that are developed to meet viscosity, flash, aniline, and other specifications for our customer's individual needs.

Custom Blends

Linder Oil has the ability to custom formulate lubricants to meet customer requirements. We carry a wide range of base oils and additives that can be tailored to optimize your equipment and processes.

Hydraulic Oils

Our hydraulic oils are formulated with high viscosity index base oils and top performing anti-wear additive systems. These oils show excellent resistance to foaming and oxidation, as well as superior anti-rust properties. Zinc free and synthetic blends are also available.

Dust Oils

Airborne dust particles can be hazardous. Linder Oil's dust control products help mitigate airborne dust particles in insulation manufacturing and grain silos as well as carbon black in rubber processing.

Gear Oils

Our gear oil line is formulated with high quality base oils and additives to lengthen lubricant life in a wide range of applications. Products we offer include Extreme Pressure, Synthetic, and GL5 in various viscosities to meet customer specific demands.


Heavy duty circulating oils formulated with highly refined, high viscosity mineral oils to meet the Dynamic Demulsibility Endurance Test for MORGOIL lubricants. They provide outstanding water separation and protection of metal surfaces against rust and corrosion.

White Mineral Oils

White mineral oils that are odorless, clear and bright are available to meet various U.S. Food and Drug Administration requirements for direct use in food, incidental food contact, and use as technical white oils.

Specialty Oils

Linder Oil manufactures a wide variety of lubricants to accommodate customer requests. From transformer oils to additive booster packages, we have a variety of options available.

Compressor Oils

We have a wide range of compressor oils available to aid in the lubricating, sealing, and cooling. All fluids are formulated with excellent anti-wear capabilities and superior oxidation stability to keep your compressor running efficiently.

Spindle Oils

Spindle oils are based on lubricants formulated from low-viscosity, high-quality mineral oils for use in the lubrication of high-speed machine spindles.

Neat Metalworking Fluids

Linder Oil's straight metalworking fluids are formulated with quality base oils and various additive systems to optimize metalworking operations. We use a variety of extreme pressure, anti-wear, and lubricity additives to meet specific customer needs.

Metalworking Coolants

Linder Oil Company carries a full line of emulsifiable, semi-synthetic, and synthetic coolants for use in a variety of applications and metals. Our coolants are formulated to extend tool life and minimize machine downtime.

Automotive Fluids

A full line of automotive products are offered at Linder Oil; including passenger car and heavy duty motor oils, transmission fluids, windshield washer fluid, as well as full and semi-synthetic engine oils.


Linder Oil carry's a full line of anti-freeze, from extended life to RV use and more. Concentrate and 50/50 blended versions are available to meet your needs.

Oil Dri

Oil Dri is a great product used for spill-control to help manage leaked substances and aid in cleanup.

We have been buying from Linder Oil for years and we get a great quality product with excellent customer service. They go above and beyond to get us what we need and are price competitive every time.

- John and Lori Raska | Multi Grinding | Warren, MI.

Product Packaging Options

Capable of handling both large and small customers, Linder Oil ships nationwide. We have the capability to fill pails, kegs, drums, totes and bulk.

Bulk Loads
Straight Truck
Split Loads
275 & 330 Gallon Totes
55 Gallon Drums
120 Pound Kegs
5 Gallon Pails
We Are More Than Oil!

Linder Oil can customize every batch of oil to meet your specific needs. Our products are top of the line but it's our service that sets us above the rest!

Quality and Performance

As an independent compound blender, we formulate and produce our own products. When you order from Linder Oil Company, you get high quality oil at a competitive price, and custom made for your needs!

Timely Delivery

We deliver oil when you need it. Instead of the industry norm of fixed delivery routes and weekly schedules, we pride ourselves in shipping oil on demand.

Unparalleled Service

We are more than an oil company, we are a service company. servicOur job doesn't end after the delivery is made, this is where it begins!

Ethical Oil

At Linder Oil, we pride ourselves in upholding professional, ethical and moral responsibility to our customers and competitors. We exclusively source our base oils and additives from the most reputable suppliers and test every batch to meet our strict requirements before it leaves our facility.

Emergency Service

Linder Oil specializes in delivering products when you need them. We understand emergencies happen, we can help. Let Linder Oil be there for you!

Oil Analysis Capabilities

Our experienced staff is committed to solving your toughest challenges. Let us analyze and monitor the health and longevity of your oil to ensure peak performance and optimize productivity. Analysis can help predict problems before they happen.

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