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Sourcing base oils and additives exclusively from the most reputable suppliers to deliver products that meet the highest standards of quality and service.
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Great People, Great Company = Excellent Results. We strive to be the best in class Oil Company, creating a positive environment for employees, that is excellent in quality, deliveries and responsiveness to our customers’ needs.

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The Linder Oil Difference

Linder Oil Company is not your typical oil company. We are a family owned custom oil blender where our true talents and uniqueness lie in making and delivering lubricants specific to your needs. Our ability to remain flexible and adaptable with our customers, while exceeding their expectations, is what sets us apart from other suppliers.

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The quality of the products we buy from Linder Oil and the service and attention our representative John gives us is very valuable in our business. Not to mention that every time I price shop, they meet or beat anyone's price. It's also nice to have a rep that stop's in for a visit and doesn't just communicate electronically.

- Curt N. Custer | Custer Grain Co. Inc. | Auburn, IN

We at The Andersons small pack facility have been working with Linder Oil for many years. In our experience they are committed to delivering a quality product. Their professionalism is top notch and deliveries are on time along with a driver that is very professional. I would highly recommend Linder Oil as a business partner.

- Don Miller | The Andersons

We have been buying from Linder Oil for years and we get a great quality product with excellent customer service. They go above and beyond to get us what we need and are price competitive every time.

- John and Lori Raska | Multi Grinding | Warren, MI.